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Porsche CEO’s VW plan deals blow to minorities

“But following Sunday’s announcement that the niche player would plow essentially all its cash reserves into building the biggest individual stake in mass carmaker Volkswagen, some investors are starting to feel as if they’ve been dealt a lemon.

‘Porsche makes it very clear that shareholders come dead last,’ said Henning Gebhardt, head of equities at Germany’s largest retail fund manager DWS. ‘Wiedeking had already said as much before, and now he has impressively proven it.'”

Say goodbye to Porsche!

3 Responses to “Porsche CEO’s VW plan deals blow to minorities”

  • Dang Sygyzy, I was just about to buy a Porsche. All I had to do was click the Submit button, and I would have been a proud owner of…

    But I’m not giving a dime to that CEO. Shows how much he cares about his shareholders. Evil. I bet he tortures kittens in his spare time too.

    I’ll put him on the list of people not allowed in my anti-zombie compound.

  • Who else is on the list?

  • Long list. Tom Cruise. The former CEO of a certain company Dave and I used to work for. All his VPs. The members of the Supreme Court who voted for Kelo vs the city of New London. Anyone who wanted to ban my guns.

    Plus there’s a list of celebrities the Zombie Lama and I traded for. There’s also a list that people on my blog voted for letting the zombies eat. I think Paris Hilton won.

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