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Hex Riddle

Help me solve this riddle:

8D 68 F5 1B FF 0E DF F7 56 77 99 92 8B 22 BB 66 4A E3 CA 2E A4 A1 BF F1 CA CA 2E 33 8F 75 21 EC 6F DF D2 AC 84 A8 DF F8 51 E8 C6 0D 42 61 DB FE EA CC F1 EE 28 27 36 18 FB 90 2B DD B8 C3 B7 FD D5 8D 7A 31 85 36 45 3A B3 3C 54 AF 8F 67 F3 19

That’s it. That’s all I was given. Cursory glance says it’s Hexidecimal. But if you try to translate it to ASCII, you get gibberish. Maybe it’s encrypted? According to the author, it’s very plain to see and written in “plain English”

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