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Gym Bitch

Like most people, I like peace and quiet at the gym. I don’t like it to be crowded because I don’t want to wait. I do rotations, not 10 sets on the same exercise. Others don’t have this ritual, so people at the gym usually means waiting and/or changing my regiment. Anyway, to escape it all, I bring my iPod and headphones and put it on shuffle. It helps pass the time.

Once in a while, there is someone worth talking to at the gym. Usually it’s a new girl that I have never seen before. I know who most of the guys are already and we have our little chats, but the girls are something different altogether.

Today, as I am walking up to the gym, I noticed it was dark, but the door was open. No big deal. They turn off the power to save electricity when nobody’s using it. I knew it wasn’t closed because it was only 8:30 and they close at 10. As I get closer, I hear the sound of the eliptical churning away. I walk through the heavy glass door and notice it was a girl working out.

Typical SB white girl, short, skinny, decent proportions. Maybe the body of an aspiring JV high school basketball player. She had her iPod on full volume. I could hear it despite her wearing earbuds. She also had on SMHS (San Marco High School) gym issue shorts.

“Do you mind if I turn on the lights?”
“The lights. Is it cool if I turn them on?”
“Sure, no prob.”

Then the wheels start churning.

1. She looks young. Maybe she is in high school.
2. There are people outside playing in the pool. They all look her age. Maybe she is visiting cousins and wanted to get a workout in?
3. She is wearing HS clothing. Granted, there are alumnis who still wear UCSB sweatshirts and such or coaches that wear their team’s jersies, but for the most part, I don’t know any college kids that are into wearing their high school gym shorts. Not a strong argument, but that’s what I went with.
4. If freshly graduated, unless she is very lucky and talented, she is not making enough money to rent a place here. Now, don’t take this the wrong way. If you were in college, or just fresh out, you would NOT want to live here. My roommate and I are paying alot and that eats into things like student loans, car payments, insurance, and SAVINGS.
5. If she is going to college, her parents are probably not renting her a place here considering you can share a room in IV for about $500 a month or get your own for probably $150 more.

After 10 minutes of working out, I went to the quad machine next to her and I pulled out my earbuds.

“Do you live here?”
[face snarls, Valley Girl head til comes on] “Psshha Ya! DO YOU?”
[oh shit] “Hey, I didn’t mean that in a bad way or anything. It’s just that I haven’t seen you around.”
[packing up her stuff. Very agitated now.] “Oh I’ve lived here ..(dramatic pause) .. ABOUT TWO YEARS! See ya!”
“Uh have a good one”

And all I wanted to do was chat, seriously. Some girls really do have the charm. And some … don’t.

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