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Life’s Little Twists

This past weekend after spending the early afternoon with Dave and Jessica, I went to Nordstrom to check out this blazer I had seen a few months ago. Not wanting to waste any more time looking around, I approached one of the clerks. Now, if you have ever shopped in SB, or more specifically at Nordstrom’s on State Street, you’ll know that every single one of the employees is attractive. They might not be supermodels, but you’d definitely date any of them.

Anyway, I approach one of them and say hi. That’s my thing as of late (and by late, I mean in the past 18 months). I always say “Hi, how are you?” to all the retail and restaurant people I meet. Why? Because it throws them so off guard. I’ve had some of them swallow their words and reply with “For here or to go?” Then I give them that “Huh?” look and they say “Uh good … for here or to go?”

I digress.

So this girl, let me describe her. Tall, dressed to impress, large build. Not fat. I have to explain. I mean large. Like broad shoulders. Like she might be a swimmer or play softball or something. Ok, but not as large. Anayway, definitely cute. And very friendly. So she calls me over to her side of the counter so I can check out the screen. She pulled up the website so I can point out the item to her.

“This one”
“Alright. Sorry the website’s really slow”
“No problem. How long have you been working here?”
“A little over six months I guess.”
“How do you like it?”
“Pretty cool. I like it”


“You know, you can just leave your name and number and we’ll order it for you and call you when it comes in.”
“No no! I don’t want to buy it for sure. I just want to try it on”
“It it it it it it it it it’s ok. You you you you don’t have to b bu buy it.”

At this point, I was a little confused. Of course I realized she stuttered. I quickly composed myself. I didn’t want to cock my head in wonderment or raise my eyebrows in surprise either. My only concern from that point on was not making her feel weird or self conscious.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.”
“No no no no, we’ll ca ca ca call you when …”
“When it arrives. Got it”

Right then and there I felt like an idiot. I knew what she was trying to say and I was cutting her off, finishing her sentences. Anyway, I thanked her for her time and went on my way.

The rest of the weekend, I thought abuot that incident. It’s weird how we are each handed such a unique plate. Here’s this girl, who would have no problem with getting a date, and she has one slight “flaw”. A handicap. Albeit not a big one, but one nonetheless.

How interesting, I think, that we see this sort of ying yang curse everyday. How many attractive super smart geeks do you know? Not many. For their gift of intelligence, they are cursed with mediocre looks. Now, how many hot people do you know that have some curse? How many blind models? Or studs with one arm? Not many.

Beautiful People – 1
Others – 0

6 Responses to “Life’s Little Twists”

  • at Nordstrom’s on State Street, you’ll know that every single one of the employees is attractive. They might not be supermodels, but you’d definitely date any of them.

    Sygyzy’s not exaggerating. I go in there sometimes just to check out the hot babes working there.

    A good question.

    You know, I really think it’s evolutionary. You ever notice that the funniest people are goofy-looking? Why? Because they have to be funny or else they’ll never get any.

    You ever seen a good-looking person who was funny? Probably not. Why? Because they don’t need to be. They just need to sit around and be good-looking and they’ll get some. That’s why they don’t have to be smart either.

  • ZS – Exactly my point. I think in our society, looks definitely outweighs other items. So say we have a scale:

    Intelligence – 10 points
    Humor – 8 points
    Athletic – 6 points
    Amputee – (-) 7 points
    Talks with a lisp – (-) 3 points
    Beautiful – 50 points.

    So you see, if you are a beautiful, you can still get very far in life.

  • sometimes i think it’s the person’s little faults and quirks that make them attractive. good story, vo. too bad you cut her off. maybe we’ll go back so you can apologize.

    How many attractive super smart geeks do you know?

    one. his name starts with a V and ends in an O.

  • “How many attractive super smart geeks do you know?”

    1… his name is David Vo. Big pimpin spendin G’s

  • is there an echo in here?

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