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Trovata Vans

Probably one of the coolest shoes boxes I have seen to date. Definitely a keeper in my collection.

4 Responses to “Trovata Vans”

  • now what about the shoes that go in the box? are they as cool as the box? hehehe

  • i saw his kicks today and they’re pretty dope. sick box. way to shop like a baller, vo.

  • the sweet, sweet scent of extravagance

    Depends on who’s wearing them. I know a few people who would make the sweet smell of those pimpin’ shoes turn sour faster than you can say “Vo’s a playa” ten times.

    Know what I’m sayin’ V?

  • I think for the most part, people agree I have dope shoes. Except for one of my friends. A few weeks ago she asked if I ever got these Adidas 35th Anniversary shoes I wanted. She knew about them because I took her to LA with me to find them. When I replied that I hadn’t, she replied, “Whew. Thank goodness. Those things were SO UGLY!”

    Geez, thanks. I am not sure if I should be happy that we are such good friends that she could be that honest with me or if she respects me so little she couldn’t just lie to me (or not say anything at all).

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