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Comfort Foods

I am sitting hear eating (actually slurping) a bowl of Lipton’s Instant Cream of Chicken Soup. I haven’t had this wonderful dish since I was a kid. My mom used to make it for me all the time.

PuffTedD: is it good?
FizzleMan: yeah it’s SO good
FizzleMan: here’s the best part
FizzleMan: if you don’t break up the powder thoroughly, it chunks up
FizzleMan: and then if you eat a piece of it
FizzleMan: it’s super salty
FizzleMan: so you are drinking your soup
FizzleMan: and bam
FizzleMan: you get a little surprise
PuffTedD: is that good or bad?
FizzleMan: it’s good man
PuffTedD: haha

My mom is a great cook. One of the best I know. And she’s very dedicated. She loves to cook, though I think half of it is just love. Cooking is laborious and so is making your son happy. Aside from serious dishes, my mom had an arsenal of comfort foods she used to make me. Of course this list included the aforementioned soup.

Another favorite, that I also had recently (coincidentally), is fried rice. Now, I am not talking about the fancy fried rice you get at a Chinese restaurant. Nope. The only ingredients in this special fried rice are rice, shallots, and garlic. It’s the most ghetto fried rice you’ve ever seen. And you know what? I chow it down like there’s no tomorrow. As Dane Cook would say, it’s delish. Sometimes, to spice it up a bit, she adds egg. BAM! Now you have a deluxe version.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the things my parents did for me. It sounds so trivial, I know. Instant noodle from a box and 3 ingredient fried rice. But hey, it works.

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