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The Day I Almost Killed Someone

It was a weekend. I know this because it was noon and I was not in school. I think this was sophmore year of high school so I was 15-16 years old. Some family friends came over and they brought their baby daughter. She was walking but just barely. I’d say 2.5 years old. Oops, I meant 30 months old. [How annoying!] Anyway, she was brought upstairs to my room so I could play with her. Let me tell you, she was so adorable and cute.

Soon the game turned to me “chasing” her around and playing peek a boo. She was giggling and laughing and having a merry good time. We entered the hallway and I was doing the whole “boo” thing. As I slowly advanced, she slowly took some steps back.

Then it happened.

She fell down the stairs. Instantly, Matrix Slow-Motion came into play. A million things ran through my mind. Oh my god, I just killed a baby. What am I going to say to the parents? I bet they are not coming back to visit ever again. What about my future? I can’t go to college if I am in jail. I am a minor, I wonder what my sentence will be. It was an accident, after all.

“Zooooorp” That’s the sound that tells you that you just are exiting the slow-mo mode and catching up to reality. Silence. Then crying. Ahh, music to my ears. Parents rushed over, asked what happened, didn’t think much of it. And all was good.

6 Responses to “The Day I Almost Killed Someone”

  • remind me to never let you watch my kids.

  • Babies are like rubber. It would take a lot more that a mere fall down a flight of stairs to off one of those buggers.

  • That’s not so bad… once when I was a kid I tried to run and jump over my best friend’s toddler sister, who was stumbling toward me on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, white kids can’t jump. I hit her in the head and knocked her to the ground. Her head smacked the concrete… ouch! I felt horrible. But she survived and as far as I know there was no recurring effects. My best friend’s family moved out of town not too long after that for “health” reasons.

  • Dude. Kids have more hit points than adults realize. I thought I messed up the kid I was babysitting. We were rough housing and I bumped him hard and he face splatted really hard on the ground. When he got up and there was no blood on his face (he was crying), I was really relieved.

    Funny, I was his favorite male adult. The kid had no male role model, and even though his mother hated me, she realized I was probably one of the better things that happened to him in his early years.

  • Your “friend’s” kid? Yeah right. Tell us the whole story.

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