buy cialis – Pentagon, law schools square off – Dec 6, 2005

“WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Supreme Court demonstrated deep skepticism Tuesday that universities should be allowed to turn away military recruiters and still accept federal funds.

The issue came to the court’s attention with a free-speech dispute over the Pentagon’s controversial policy barring openly gay personnel. Each side claims it is being discriminated against by the other.”

This is a very interesting article about a topic that everyone should be aware of. For years, law schools have banned any military recruitment. The reasoning? Anti-discrimination. At first, it took me a while to figure it out, but it’s actually quite an ingenious argument. The schools say that since they have anti-discrimination policies, they cannot allow any employers to recruit on campus that don’t have the same policy.

How does this apply to the military? Well, they discriminate against gays via the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” bill. So what’s the problem? Schools can do whatever they want, right?

Well, schools get millions of dollars of federal funding. Also, post 9/11 there has been an increasing need for special talent (engineers, lawyers, interpreters, etc) and a good source for those people are at law schools.

So you want the money, but you don’t want to help out? Schools are in a pickle here.

And here’s the scariest part:

“Other research programs, including medical and scientific studies, could be at stake, because the law was amended to include withholding funds from the entire university even if the law school was the only one preventing recruiters”

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