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The Triad of Evil – Part 1: Wal-Mart

Yesterday, a co-worker of mine asked why the liberals have a problem with Wal-Mart. “What’s their deal?” he asked. I consider Wal-Mart as one of the members of my Triad of Evil. The others are DeBeers and Electronic Arts (EA). In this continuing series, I’ll explain my problem with each company, starting with …

Here are the primary problems I have with Wal-Mart

1. They treat their employees very poorly. They purposely control their hiring practices in order to avoid paying for health care. Many of their employees are forced to go on Welfare or state-run programs which are in turn funded with my tax dollars. The irony here is that some conservatives like Wal-Mart for the mere fact that Democrats dislike it. These are the same people that complain about paying for the healthcare of “lazy bums” but they don’t have a problem paying for the healthcare of Wal-Mart employees and their families.

Major Users of State Provided Health Insurance Programs

“Over the last two years, 13 states have disclosed employers that are major users of state provided health insurance programs which are aimed at low-income families. Wal-Mart has topped the list in all the states, except Massachusetts where it was second and Wisconsin, which did not disclose the usage of employers other than Wal-Mart.”

Walmart memo: Don’t hire the “unhealthy”

“Wal-Mart…acknowledged that 46 percent of the children of Wal-Mart’s 1.33 million United States employees were uninsured or on Medicaid.
Walmart acknowledges that: Wal-Mart’s critics can easily exploit some aspects of our benefits offering to make their case; in other words, our critics are correct in some of their observations. Specifically, our coverage is expensive for low-income families, and Wal-Mart has a significant percentage of associates and their children on public assistance.””

Wal-Mart seeks ways to trim cost of benefits

If you don’t like it, just quit, right? Wrong:

“I am actually in that exact situation, i just quit at walmart because of low pay, being severely overworked and mistreated in general, and just plain being fed up with it (worked there for a full year, and worked my ass off).

Now because walmart has literally decimated the retail economy in the city its hard to find another job part time while im going to school.”

2. They use strongarm business tactics. Wal-Mart makes very unreasonable demands to manufacturers forcing them to price products the way Wal-Mart wants them to be priced, even if it’s below cost. Often times, Wal-Mart makes up such a large percentage of a company’s sales that they have no choice but to comply.

The Wal-Mart You Don’t Know

3. Wal-Mart is a monopoly. They control the whole supply line. They have real estate and soon will have banking cornered. Because of their size and buying power, they can move into almost any industry and take over. They stifle competition by undercutting the local shops, then when they stores shut down, they raise prices. Though, I am not going to knock them too much for this since other companies do this too.

“What about the fact they now have walmart real estate, and soon, walmart banking.

Isnt controlling every aspect of an industry a monopoly?

They have production, supply, wholesale, retail, real estate, and soon banking.

What aspect of the retail market arent they strongarming?

Isnt a monopolys very definition a large corporation working in an anti competitive manner to stifle competition? Isnt that exactly what walmart does?”

Coming soon: A Wal-Mart Bank?

4. Wal-Mart imposes morals on their employees and customers. They regularly censor DVDs and games. Yet, they don’t have a problem with how they treat their employees.

Store Wars: Wal-Mart Business Practices

5. On a more practical level, I don’t like Wal-Mart because they are usually dirty, messy, and too busy. I would rather shop at Target or (*gasp* K-Mart) if I had to shop at one of those places.


Consumers say Wal-Mart bad for U.S.

Police: Wal-Mart site raided

Wal-Mart flexes, backs Gov. Arnold

3 Responses to “The Triad of Evil – Part 1: Wal-Mart”

  • Hi David (?),
    I found your pictures of Florence, Italy so sexy that I came to check out your blog! I think I like the way you see the world at least from the lenses that I saw on your photography! Wish I can meet you in person…just kidding, but I really wanna thank you for sharing the Italy pictures.

  • I wish I could meet you too. Thanks for the kind words. Email me for some engaging conversation.

  • Interesting about walmart. Coming from the inside of the organization much(if not all) of what you say is true. It is amazing the reach that they have. My issue with WMT is more along the lines of them not being a good corporate citizen. The bigger issues is why our so called leaders do not call them out. The fact is, NO town, city, etc, should ever let WMT move in, without exacting their own conditions. i.e. living wages, affordable health care, etc. But as I said, our so called leaders just look at the tax revenue… BASTARDS!

    Dude, are you picking up women on your blog? You rule!!!!

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