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Koyono – Best Company Ever

A few months ago, everyone was raving about the Slimmy wallet. In fact, at that time (and probably now), it was the number one selling wallet on Amazon. Why all the fuss? Well, it was so simple. A leather wallet with three pockets, sewn on two sides. It promote minimalism. Think about it, when you go to a club or bar, do you need 5 credit cards, your Costco card, and gym card? With the Slimmy you fold up some cash and put it in the first pocket, put your ID and 1 credit card in the middle, and a couple of business cards in the last pocket. Toss it in your pocket and you are set.

Before my trip, I was very concerned about security. I thought having a wallet that didn’t bulge and that would stay close to my body would be a plus. So a few weeks prior to leaving, I checked out the Koyono site. They also have a line of performance BlackCoat T shirts that had an innovative twist. Around the chest area is a pocket system that can hold your iPod, accessories, etc. People can’t rob you because they’d have to hold you down and open up the zipper that’s on your chest. Again, the safety conscious side of me kicked in and I ordered 2 medium shirts for the trip.

The order was delayed and I was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time. I emailed them and they emailed me back, saying they’d ship them as they came in. [They were slow on production because the same plant that makes the shirts also produce clothing for the war effort]. True to their word they shipped multiple packages that all arrived before the trip.

I received three shirts and my Slimmy. Three shirts, you ask? Yup, as an apology for the delay, they sent me a free shirt. Just like that. Turns out that the shirts were too big. Their medium didn’t fit me. But the shirts were so nice that I took the free one to Europe with me. It got it’s time in the sun and performed well, but was a bit loose.

I came back and asked if it’s ok if I do a return. By now over a month has passed. They said no problem. I told them that since I wore the free one already, I’ll only send back the two that I paid for and that were unworn. They shipped me the shirts DHL Express (on their dime) and sent a Fed-EX driver to my work to pick up the returns. Again, on their dime.

What I got was three shirts. I emailed them saying they made a mistake and I only sent back two shirts. Their response:

Hi David,

Thank you for the e-mail and for being such a great customer. No problem about sending back the third medium shirt. You can keep that one.

Our original agreement was for two shirts that you bought, plus one as a gift, all of which you could wear. We felt that you are entitled to three small BlackCoat Ts based on this agreement.

Enjoy the shirts and we hope you will check us out again at

Happy Holidays!

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