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The Voice

FizzleMan: DAMNIT
PuffTedD: ?
FizzleMan: the mailman wont give me my mail early
FizzleMan: and i need it
PuffTedD: like you have to wait til he puts it in you rbox
PuffTedD: ?
FizzleMan: yes!
FizzleMan: and get this
FizzleMan: he is currently putting it in the boxes of my neighbors
FizzleMan: he is at my mail station
FizzleMan: right now
PuffTedD: yeah cuz you might be trying to steal someone’s mail
FizzleMan: you think that’s the reason?
PuffTedD: yup
FizzleMan: ok i didnt think about it like that, i guess that makes sense
FizzleMan: thanks for being the voice of reason
PuffTedD: i’m also the voice of sexiness

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