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A US hospital study has undermined the common American belief that “bigger is safer” when it comes to SUV’s.

3 Responses to “Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage”

  • speaking of bigger, i’m about to hit the gym in an hour so i can look all ripped for my wedding.

  • I’ll tell you what. I take Grandma’s 1976 Cadillac and I’ll hit any suv. I guarentee you that I’ll walk out without a scratch and if those dorks in the suv survived, they’ll be injured for life.

    Screw the suv. penis envy wagons they are. People who drive suv’s are missing a pair of balls. And that includes the “men.”

    There, I said it.

  • Yeah, not a huge SUV fan myself. They definitely have some uses (carry lots of gear, off roading) but not a huge fan overall.

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