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Poor guy

Well this girl who I asked out two weeks ago in econ today gave me this “Warmest Thanks” card. hmm, judge for yourselves:

Hey (My Name)
Thank you so much for taking me to go see the Nutcracker. I loved it. I had a good time. We should definitely go hang out some other time. We’ll try the place you talked about next time for dinner or something. Friends like you made this Christmas not as bad it would have been. I’m happy that we’re just friends. Thanks for everything again. Oh and Happy New Year.

Your friend,


I read it it on my lunch period today. I wasn’t really optumistic, then her friend told me in class “Don’t worry, she’s still getting over her ex- bf (it’s been 3 months…). Basicly she’s just telling you to be her friend and maybe things can go from there.” Hmm… make’s me think, and feel a little hope. I’ll ask her to lunch tommorow or friday and there I’ll ask her to dinner in the city.

4 Responses to “Poor guy”

  • I’m happy that we’re just friends

    Ouch! My heart goes out to you buddy. Friends is the most evil word ever. People call my Cradle of Filth albums Satanic? Well, screw them. The word “friends” said to a man is Satanic. Pure evil!

    Sygyzy,you need to listen to Tom Lykis. You’re a nice guy. That’s not a good thing. You’re too nice. You need to learn to bring out your inner a-hole.

  • Dude, I was quoting. That’s not me! I’ve gotten much worse lines than that.

  • Oh, I thought that was you. I guess I should have clicked the title.

    Speaking of friends, how’s the Rabbit? Did I tell you about the time I saw her at her work? It was like time slowed down to a crawl. She was with two other girls but they could have been two big green aliens with antennas and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    That chick is so hot.

  • I think you told the Rabbit story three times already, but it’s ok. It’s like seeing some celebrity. If I saw Heidi Klum, I’d tell you all about her everytime I got a chance.

    I hardly talk to the Rabbit so I have no idea how she is.

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