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Big Pimpin’ All Over The World

I have two stories to tell you guys. Yeah, sit down, set your away message, get that cup of coffee, because Vo’s taking you for a ride.

PalmOne Treo 650 GSM Smartphone
Starting a few years ago, American Express started doing a promotion during Christmas called MyLifeMyCard or MyWishList. They would have a different featured product each day and at set times (Noon and 3PM), you could go on and try to click to win a chance at getting the prize. Now the prizes were not free, per se. Instead, you got them at discounted rates. For example, this year they had a fully loaded Range Rover (Land?) worth over $50,000 for only $5,000. Totally legit but also very difficult because you can imagine how many people around the world are watching the clock and clicking furiously.

In previous years, I was really excited and into the game but since I’ve never won, I was not too thrilled about it this year. By the time I started trying, it was only a few days from ending. On the second to last day, they had Treo 650’s up. Dave was coming over to get me for lunch and I told him to come inside the building for a few minutes so I could win something. I clicked for two minutes and then gave up. So I locked my computer in defeat and we walked outside to his sexy A4. As I opened the door, my friend Aaron calls me. First thing out of my mouth:

“Dude, don’t tell me you got it.”
“I don’t want it.”
“Yeah, do you?”
“Give me your information.”

And that was that. The Treo ended up being the most troublesome MyLifeMyCard prize. They didn’t ship out the letters for them until 12/31/05 and due to the holidays, I didn’t get it until 01/03/06. By this past Friday, an unlocked Treo650 was in my hands. This thing is amazing. Push email (think Blackberry), emulators (imagine 1000’s of GameBoy, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Atari 2600, etc games in your pocket), contact book, calendar, wireless internet, and more. It’s very cool indeed.

Creme Brulee
I had dinner at Kelly’s place with Nate and her a few days before Christmas. They gave me their combined presents. Four packages. All wrapped in different paper and in different ways. They told me they were all related and I had to open them all at once. That Sunday, I went to mass at midnight, as per tradition. When I got back, I started opening the packages in delight. Truth be told, I believe these were the only wrapped presents I had to open. Oh wait, I think two others. Anyway. First were a set of four ramekins. Hmm. No, can’t be. Next was a butane tank of gas. Oh my! Then a torch and to top it off – a Creme Brulee cookbook! That’s some good attention paying, friends! Best present, EVER.

So I tried my hand at making something weekend. It turned out pretty good but I think either a) I didn’t let it set long enough in the oven or b) My solution was too loose. Next time I am going to fix it and it’ll be all good.

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