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Bowflex SelectTech

FizzleMan: can you curl 100 lbs?
PuffTedD: nope
FizzleMan: me either
FizzleMan: i am reading people talk about this
FizzleMan: and they laugh that it’s only 52.5 lbs max
FizzleMan: and they said that any man should be able to do 100lb min curls
FizzleMan: wtf
PuffTedD: cuz they are hardcore workout muscle men
FizzleMan: ed probably can do it
FizzleMan: and ronald
FizzleMan: while having sex
PuffTedD: and eating 73 oz steak
PuffTedD: yes.. 73
FizzleMan: and fingering a girl
PuffTedD: 3
FizzleMan: yeah, while doing curls with both arms
FizzleMan: 3 girls?
PuffTedD: yes
FizzleMan: now that’s what I call hardcore

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