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Firefly – “The Message”

Over a month ago, Ted asked me for my hat size. I gave it to him and asked if it was for my Christmas present. He said it was. Between then and this past weekend, he kept mentioning my gift, telling me I was going to love it. He said I should come home this weekend because he’s going to Japan soon and he won’t be able to have me open it. How could I disappoint him? Of course, I was more excited than I let on.

Note: I have no idea why I look so rediculous. It was only noon and I wasn’t sleepy or anything. I blame Ted the photographer. Or God.

Firefly – “The Message”
Episode #: 1AGE11

Amnon shakes his head. Inara puts her arm around Kaylee, Kaylee putting her head on Inara’s shoulder as Jayne tears open his package and pulls out a letter.

Zoe and Wash wander up with Simon trailing behind as Jayne reads, with the classic toneless hesitation of a slow reader:

“My dear boy. I hope you are well
and that you get this soon in your

AS JAYNE CONTINUES: Mal motions for Zoe to help him.

You order equipment?

No sir.

JAYNE “Thank you for the credits you
forwarded, they have helped as Matty
is still sick with the Damplung. He
waves hello, and so does your father.
He is in good spirits and there was
layoffs but the foreman said no one
can weld like a Cobb so he has
employment still. I made you the
enclosed” —

He digs in the box —

JAYNE (cont’d)
Ooh! Enclosed!

He reaches in and pulls out a woolly knitted hat with earflaps and a pom pom. He is clearly moved. He puts it on, continues reading.

JAYNE (cont’d)
— ” the enclosed to keep you warm on
your travels. Hope to hear from you
soon, love, mother.”

He closes the letter, proudly adjusting his hat.

JAYNE (cont’d)
How’s it sit? Pretty cunning,
don’tchya think?

It’s faintly ridiculous, but are you gonna tell him that? Anyway, Kaylee likes it, wistful as she is.

I think it’s the sweetest hat ever.

Makes a statement.

Yeah, yeah!

A man walks down the street in that
hat, people know he’s not afraid of

Damn straight.

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