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2006 SBIFF – Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel, or Merry Christmas, is the first film I saw at this year’s SBIFF. It’s a French movie but certainly didn’t feel like a foreign film. The characters almost always spoke English which was a convenient side effect of the story and it made sense. They didn’t speak English to make it easy for the moviewatcher, but did so because it made sense for the movie and the situation they were in.The movie is based on the true story of Scottish, French, and German troops during WWI, engaged in trench combat, laying down their arms for one day – Christmas Eve. It was wonderfully shot and written and had lots of little heartfelt twists that made you almost tear up. There were also lots of funny cute scenes.

It stars the best thing to come out of Germany since … well let’s say a long time – Diane Kruger. You might know her from National Treasure where she played Abagail Chase or Helen in Troy. Or you might know her from being just incredibly HOT.

I gave the movie a vote of 5. It is truly worth seeing. Hopefully it’ll see wide release this year.

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