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2006 SBIFF – Shadowboxer

Yesterday, Nate and I went to see Shadowboxer starring Cuba Gooding Jr. I really liked the movie. It was US Premiere as well as the directorial debut of Lee Daniels, who produced Monster’s Ball and The Woodsman. It’s the story of a black hitman and his white step-mother slash companion (yeah weird) and their unique relationship. During a hit, they spare the life of one of the targets, a young woman who gives birth to the child of the town villain.

The movie is violent and graphic. Afterward, at the Q&A session, Daniels said that it took him a few tries before the ratings board would give him a R. They originally wanted to give him a NC-17 rating. I am trying to reflect on what I saw because I seriously did not think it was not. Despite being about an assasin, there really isn’t that much gore there. And the nudity was brief.

The major players involved in the film were all there. We saw two rows behind Cuba Gooding Jr. We sat immediately behind the casting director and various crew members. Oh yeah, Macy Gray was there too. She is a big woman. I had no idea! And I think right in front of me was the girl in the movie that was getting it doggy-style. Nate thought it was but I am unsure. Either way, both girls were hot.
I gave it 4 stars on the rating sheet. It’s getting decent scores on IMDB right now. I hope you guys all check it out.

2 Responses to “2006 SBIFF – Shadowboxer”

  • It’s because of our messed up rating system. Show some fake sex and it goes to NC-17. All the graphic violence in the world and it still gets R. I’ve seen decapitations and people blowing up in PG (not even PG-13) movies. The entire rating system sucks.

  • all I know is that I saw a full frontal on a guy… he was wearing a condom though, so maybe R is appropriate 😉

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