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Valentine’s Day

Today, I had a great lunch with Dave. He picked up food from Ralphs (chicken fingers, potato wedges, and tomato soup) and we made cupcakes for his wife. We also watched 3.5 hours of Olympic coverage from last night, skipping all the commercials. Women’s half-pipe, men’s speedskating, and pairs figure skating. Definitely some exciting moments in the ice sports. Snowboarding was pretty exciting but not very nailbitting.

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  • thanks again for your help, vo.

    you left out the part when we saw that one ice skating lady fall flat on her face and get knocked unconscious! that had to hurt. it was kind of like jumping head first off an 8-foot ladder with your hands tied behind your back. i’m suprised there wasn’t more blood.

  • Maybe there was blood but we didn’t see it. The officials probably left it on the ice as a grim reminder to the other competitors of the perils of professional skating.

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