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I Love Tea

I love tea. It’s my favorite drink. I think I have at least a cup a day. Right now, I am drinking some Flowery Pekoe White Tea which is described as:

Comprised only of buds, the rarest white tea available. Slightly sweet with a creamy flavor. Very light in the cup with a fresh lingering taste. Highly recommended.

Here are the teas I currently have on my desk at work. This doesn’t include what I have at home and also some I am too lazy to type up!

Chocolate Peppermint
Darjeeling Estate
Double Spice Chai
Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine
Flowery Pekoe White Tea
Fruit Infusion
Golden Monkey Black Tea
Gyokuro Asahi Pearl Dew Green
Kopili Estate Special Assam
Matcha Ceremony Green
Tiger Hill Estate Nilgiri
White Pear

Coffee Bean Chai
Republic of Tea Ginger Peach
Chamomile Herbal Tea
Chrysanthemum Tea
Darjeeling Summer
Eden Organic Genmaicha
Exotica Reserve Blended
Orange Spice Black Tea
Twinings Four Red Fruits Flavoured Black Tea
Chanakara White Lotus
Exotica Champagne Oolong Tea

3 Responses to “I Love Tea”

  • Some people say Genmaicha smells like stinky socks. I think it’s delicious. It’s a combination of three words. Gen Mai Cha. Genmai is green tea with brown rice. Genmaicha is green tea with toated brown rice and popped rice (looks like little pieces of popped corn).

  • Hey, don’t hate man. It’s delicious. It smells so good too. If you think brown rice smells bad, then maybe you should stop ordering it at Pick Up Stix!

  • Yo Vo!

    You knew I couldn’t stay away. Been busier than !@#$%^&, but got to visit the homies DB and DV, know what I’m sayin’?

    Too much tea will make you have to go pee pee. I like tea too, but if it’s a situation where access to a urinal is difficult, then no tea for The Zombieslayer.

    Give me an Earl Grey or an English Breakfast. British food sucks and their women are so hideous that half of English males are gay, but they’re definitely the masters of tea. Well, I take that back. Thai ice tea is da bomb too. Fo shizzle.

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