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A Letter to Bath & Body Works

Dear BBW,

That’s how much I like you guys. I made up a hip abbreviation for your company name. You’ve joined the ranks of the cool companies with TLA (Three Letter Acyonyms) like BMW, IBM, and SAP. With that said, the subject of this email is going to be a little painful.

Today, I noticed that I could no longer dispense any amount of my antibacterial handsoap out of the container. I could clearly see through the clear plastic that there was at least a third of an inch of usable soap at the bottle. But no matter how many times I depressed the nozzle, no soap. Why? Because the pump tube was not efficiently designed. It does not reach the bottom of the container. So in the trash it went, and a new bottle came out to replace it. I can’t keep playing your fancy pants, middle finger to the environment, let’s just throw away products once we use 90% of them games.

I implore you to go back to the drawing boards and come up with a better bottle/pump design so I can maximize my soap usage.


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