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Tea at Work

Tea at Work

Originally uploaded by sygyzy.

3:42 PM i got my tea
i have so much tea here at work
it’s a whole table
probably 3×3 feet
maybe 4×4
16 square feet of tea
3:43 PM i’d estimate $250 worth of tea
maybe 300 counting accessories
i need a girlfriend
please dont make fun of me
Nick: hehe
that is a LOT of tea
nothing wrong with that

4 Responses to “Tea at Work”

  • I was actually just counting how large the table was and saying that my tea pretty much covers it. If I actually laid out the tea bags (since they are either stacked or standing in rows), and the loose leaf tea, I would cover alot more than 16 square feet. Look at those canisters. There’s a lot of tea there.

    I don’t think tea goes bad, at least not if stored correctly. I am not sayin tea will last 100 years but I am ok with taking the time. I have some tea from CO days which means it’s at least a year old and it still tastes good (enough) for me.

  • They are sticking out of the red mug, on the right, near the computer tower. And I didn’t steal them from Coffee Bean. I have more at home I need to bring at work.

  • Dude, if you go get a drink and want some half-n-half or some sugar, is that stealing? I never walk into CB&TL without buying something. These are just complimentary accessories.

  • I don’t know how good I’d be but I am sure I’d be a lot better than Randy Cunningham.

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