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Keith Urban – You’ll Think Of Me

If any of you caught the performance by Keith Urban at the Grammy’s (followed by Faith Hill), you’ll already know what I am about to tell you:

Keith Urban – You’ll Think Of Me is a great song!

Another great country song out right now is Montgomery Gentry – She Don’t Tell Me To. Check out the some of the yrics:

Every now an’ then, on my home,
I stop at a spot where the wild flowers grow, an’ I pick a few,
‘Cause she don’t tell me to.
I go out with my boys all right,
But most of the time I call it a night before they do,
‘Cause she don’t tell me to.
Sunday mornin’, I’m in church,
An’ my butt an’ my back an’ necktie hurt, but I’m in the pew,
She don’t tell me to.

Any other woman I know would have tried,
To control me and it would be over.
Plannin’ on my goin’ on my own way attitude.
All of that stubborness melts away,
When I wake with her head on my shoulder,
An’ I know I’ve got to love her,
Until my life is through,
‘Cause she don’t tell me to.

4 Responses to “Keith Urban – You’ll Think Of Me”

  • it’s cool that you like country. maybe we can go to the mid state fair this summer and hang out with the country folk. we should get you a cowboy hat, some wranglers, and chaps. it would be like urban cowboy meets jackie chan.

    wait…didn’t they make a movie like that already?

  • I heard a lot of big time celebrities perform there. We should definitely go!

  • i saw crystal gale there for FREE.

    plus it’s fun to watch all the classic rock cover bands. there’s nothing like kickin’ it in the grass with a funnel cake and tri-tip sandwich, watching a 50-year old guy in a pony tail ripping out a perfect skynard solo.

  • Funnel Cake = YUMMY!

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