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Pete Wentz responds to nude Sidekick pictures – The Superficial –

Pete Wentz responds to nude Sidekick pictures – The Superficial –

“I’d make fun of the guy, but once your shaved penis has circulated the internet and you openly admit to rooting for Santino on Project Runway, there’s pretty much nowhere else for me to go. I guess I could make up a story that he enjoys sex with pigs, but even that would probably be less embarrassing.”


131 Responses to “Pete Wentz responds to nude Sidekick pictures – The Superficial –”

  • sorry sygyzy. i acidentaly deleted mine, so i wrote another one, but then i noteced the first one was posted. but EVERYONE CONGRADULATE SYGYZY!!!!!!!!!!!! tehe. i think we should throw a party! lol

  • Laurale – Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be sure to send you the evite for the party!

  • hello i feel totally bad for pete but he seems to be taking it very well i mean if my v!@#$# was posted on the web i would go hide under a fucking rock three cheers 4 pete we(I) LOVE YOU

  • comoe on guys. those pics give us something to do when were bored..hahahaha jkjk. can i get a wh0ot wh0ot??

  • UMMMM WHOOP WHOOP?LOL but seriously i mean that 1 day while i was surfing the web they popped up and i cant say that i didnt want to investigate but i shouldnt have looked but know the subject comes up whenever i google either pete or fallout boy! i LOVE pete sooooooo much but damn and he didnt post the nude pics his ex friend from chicago stole his sidekick and posted them on the internet when pete didnt know……but i wonder if the pics were just for fun or for someone else…….Love Spunkee

  • Loser who didn't leave their name this is STILL going on?lol.hey my best frind FOB ay break of because of joe.sumthin boutn he wont do it true?

  • omg u pplz r like so fuckn dumb he put em on himself like tottaly!! dude NOBODY gets over it after 24hrs…lol i think its totaly hott that he whats to show all the grls himself and i think he is totatly hott ive seen the pics over 50 times at least just to leva my comments! and its funny how dumb pplz r like… “omg pete has felings 2”, or like… “dam he looken good down there”,(altho i can connect to tht) but u know he tottaly did it and thats what mekes him hott he dosnt give a sht he is totaly crazy!! (no truly) have u seen the sht he dose with dirty?! lol funny yet nasty ive senn him drink his own piss! yeah so for all u know it could have been a dare! and not only that when the fdact came that he was putting his carrer on the line he lied and i would have to! in other words calm down and stop fucking worring bout ever lil thing pete is a big boy and dosnt need lil kids holding his hand and leading him (aloth sum things he may need it lol jk)

  • hi everyone,

    i just wanted to apologize to my friends and family for the negative press this has generated. i especially want to say “i’m sorry” to my lover and partner, mark. you are the only one who should see my intimate parts. i value our love and i in no way wanted to jeopardize the bond we share. please accept my apology.

    and to all the fans out there, please continue supporting our music during this sensitive time. homos have feelings too.


  • errmm this says my partner mark,am i thinking your gay?yes i am and when did this happen?and what wa swith the moneky on the VMA’s?

  • i dont fucking care when i saw those pics i jacked off and cumed everywhere pete is fucking hott and i would lick him eveerywhere

  • i’d fuck him in a second…..he’s so hot…he has every right to take pics of hot body….ah…he’s hott

  • Dude- pete seemed so cool before this whole picture thing. What ever happened to the innocence of childhood? Not having these ridiculous urges?

    Let Me tell u all something. what pete is real lame but the fact is if you think you will regret it later don’t do it! As easy as that- this is not the fuckin SATs!

  • Did anyone understand what Dee is saying?

  • I understand I’m late to be posting since this happened quite a few months ago but I just wanted to say that if Mr. Wentz had asked me to take that picture, (and was wearing a bag over his head so I didn’t have to see his ugly mug)there’d be a sextape circulating the internet right now!

  • ok if you people dont like pete naked then dont look at and you are looking at them right now then rock on

  • Holy crap. I found it late, but hey Sygyzy, this thread kind of made my life.

  • Lacey, glad I could help. It kind of made my life too!

  • you know you blamed everyone else for looking at it. why did you go looking for them to put em up?!!

  • Lmao. Wow.
    Personally, I love Pete Wentz, and yeah, I think it was wrong to do that crap, but hey, it’s his life, it’s his dick, do what he wants with it.
    I got MANY laughs out of this site though. I was actually looking for something COMPLETELY different, but a certain line caught my eye and I ended up reading a lot of it.
    I agree with many of you, and disagree with many fo you.
    But basically, this was very entertaining.

  • pete wentz is the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen in my life and i dont care what he does its his business! x

  • pete wentz is so frikin hot, stop makin a big deal out of this. so many normal guys i noe have naked pics of themselves, forget about it & go on, he can do what he wants to do

  • hey, all of you that are saying stfu to ppl that are saying Pete’s hott and all that, why don’t U shut up? why the hell did you even come to this website, if you knew ppl would say that?


  • i really don’t think pete wrote that…

  • u guys need to go fuck ur selves hes is so hot and steff if u think were retarded then try lookin the fuckin mirror sometime but we better make sure we have a spare

    ps and steff ur probly just jealous of his spicy and sweaty and hot penis bitch thats wat im talkin bout

  • what is peter wentz screen name?

  • Sorry, I can’t give that out. Pete is a very private man and he would not want something like that getting out. Naked pictures are fine, but screen names is where he draws the line!

  • my dick is awefully small isnt it?

  • Pete is the HOTTEST guy in the whole FUCKING world!!!! I dont give a FUCK about what every one eles says or thinks!!

  • i’d like to say its no big deal but come on i did a yahoo search to see these pics. and so did the rest of these people here so it must be a big deal. but he is hot and i wish someone could come up with some more pics. more revealing this time though!

  • he has a hot dick

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