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How Much Do You Spend On Food?

Last 6 Months:

Dining Out – $1103.02
Groceries – $691.40
Food – Unassigned – 162.16

Average – $326 per month.

* This does not count anything I paid for in cash.

I am going to run numbers for last 12 months too to get a more accurate result. Remember, this does not count what I paid for in cash. The values actually surprise me because there are days I easily spend $30-60 for lunch and dinner, but if you look at the numbers, it comes out to only a little more than $10 a day for food.

3 Responses to “How Much Do You Spend On Food?”

  • I am not sure. It’s just a category in my MS Money Category. I have to go back and refine stuff. I have:

    Dining Out
    Candies and Chocolates
    Drinks (Tea, Coffee).
    Undefined (not sure what this is for. I guess I must use it since it has a value)

    But I am really only good at entering in Groceries and Dining Out. I am not sure why I even created the other categories. I guess I was trying to really break down my food. Like it’d be nice to know how much I spend specifically on restaurants versus fast food. Right now, but are considered “Dining Out”.

  • Sygyzy – You’re using MS Money instead of Quicken/Turbo Tax?
    No wonder your ass is so poor.

  • Oh come on ZS. I know you are a Mac/Linux zealot, but that last comment missed the MakeSenseville exit.

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