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Google Aquires SketchUp!

I am extremely excited about this news. I tried out SketchUp for about a week and I think it’s amazing. If you have ever tried Alias Maya, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, or even Bryce, you realize that after the built in cubes and spheres, the novice can’t really make anything out without specialized training. I was making buildings in 10 minutes with SketchUp. If you are not sure where you’ve seen it in action, turn on the 3D buildings in Google Earth. See those gray buildings that rise up from the streets? Yeah, that’s SketchUp!

Well, about the biggest thing ever: we’ve been Googled. That’s right, Google Inc. has acquired @Last Software… so you might have just spit your coffee all over your keyboard, or you’re rolling your eyes thinking this is another one of my April Fool’s jokes. Believe me, we’re still having a hard time believing it ourselves, but it’s real — we are now Google!

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