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Police: Missing Teen Found in Nearby House

Police: Missing Teen Found in Nearby House

A woman who disappeared as a teen 10 years ago had been living with a middle school security guard who didn’t allow her to leave his home for several years, police said Wednesday.

Tanya Nicole Kach, now 24, was reunited with her family this week. She had been living at the man’s home, located about two miles from her father’s house in the Pittsburgh suburb of McKeesport, police said

Are you kidding me? No seriously. Is this another Elizabeth “Not So” Smart case? I can understand, maybe if you got kidnapped when you were 14, you might not know what to do. Maybe you are a stupid freshman. Afraid of the big scary world. But Jesus Christ! Maybe you might have brightened up at 16? 18? 21!!!? If this was a little black girl, she would have chewed through the ropes and “home in time to see herself on the news” (Dave Chappelle).† If I was the dad, I am not sure I’d want her back. I do know I’d thank the janitor, though. He saved the parents hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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