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Hotlinking, ELA, and permalinks, categories, and Livesearch

Hello everyone.  There is a crisis here at People are hotlinking my images left and right. Mostly 18-20 year old girls on myspace and xanga. This is just getting silly. So I put an end to it today. Now, images on my site can only be served to my site (as well as a few friendly sites such as creakhead or davebarcelona). I am working on having it serve up some nasty image when they try to steal from me again.
I fixed Extended Live Archives. Check it out by clicking Archive in the menu on top. You can quickly locate any of my posts.

I have changed the permalinks to remove the index.php section. Now it’s by date and post title. Looks cleaner, don’t you think. To see what this looks like, click on this post title and look at the address. Neat, huh?

I removed the Design category and moved all the posts to Style and Design.
The Livesearch you see on the right column is currently broken. Actually, if you type in a search term and press enter, you will get the correct results. What is broken is the live part. That is, results don’t immediately appear in the fancy AJAXified way they used to. I am working on fixing it.

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