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I just received a phone call from a girl I talk to about once a year, and that’s not by my choosing. Let’s call her Irene. It went a little something like this:

David: Uh hello? [Surprised to see her in caller ID]

Irene: Hey, what’s up?

David: Not much, what’s going on?

Irene: Wow, are you at work?

David: Yup.

Irene: Already?

David: What do you mean? It’s 1:30.

Irene: Yeah, but you just came back from Alabama.

David: [realizing quickly what is going on] Alabama?

Irene: Yeah, you went to Alabama, you just got back, right?

David: Do you know who you are talking to?

Irene: [awkward pause as she checks her phone] Yeah … David, right?

David: Yup. Sorry, I didn’t go to Alabama.

Irene: Oh uhh boy this is kind of weird. Well, so hey, how are you doing?

David: Alright, you? [completely uninterested]

Irene: Cool cool. Say, they let you answer your cell phone at work?

David: Yeah. Besides, this is not going to be a long phone call.

Irene: Oh. Hey, this is like serendipity. Have you ever done that before?

David: Uhh yeah, I guess. Once or twice.

Irene: Yeah, pretty cool huh?

David: Hey, do you want to go call who you really wanted to talk to?

Irene: Yeah, I guess I should. Talk to you soon.

David: Yeah [right]

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