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Ticketmaster Sleeps With The Triad

If I had room in the Triad of Evil, I’d allow Ticketmaster to join. I just bought some tickets for a show this Friday. Look at how much it cost me:

Charge Summary
Item Charge
Better Than Ezra and Sister Hazel
Full Price Ticket
US $22.00 x 3
Facility Charge US $2.00 x 3
Convenience Charge US $8.25 x 3
Delivery (Will Call) No Charge
Order Processing Fee US $3.75
Total Charges US $100.50

Let me break that down for you. That’s $11.50 in surcharges per ticket or 53% of the face value of the ticket in charges. Imagine paying 53% tax on a shirt you buy at a store or something. That’s rediculous. I am glad the money is going towards feeding a Waldman, though.

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