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Mido’s Wallet & Pearl Harbor

Mido's Wallet Thumbnail

A few years ago, I went on a trip to Hawaii with Ted, Pat, Derrick, Stanley, and Mido. I was really surprised it came together like it did. Everything fell into place and it had absolutely no drama at all. I think it was due, in large part, to Pat’s careful planning and amazing built-in compass. He took care of everything and did driving duties during the entire trip. We’d juts wake up, get in the car, and soon we were blazing trails down Hawaii’s interstates (funny name considering).

One of the stops we made was at Pearl Harbor, of course. Since it’s so busy, we spent some time in the waiting area, which was the museum section. We had plenty of time to kill. For some reason, Mido took out her wallet, which at that time was one of those canvas wallets with a velcro strap. Like a boy’s wallet. Anyway, it was bulging at the seams. I thought it was going to break. We all gathered around and was surprised at how fat it was. Was it bundles of cash? Dozens of credit cards? What was it?

It was just junk! She had old receipts and business cards and AMT slips. So we all dove in and made a trash pile. Soon, the wallet looked like a Kate Moss version of its former self. The cool part is she didn’t complain. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the impromptu “spring cleaning” (though it was more like fall).

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