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How You Treat A Waiter Says Alot About You

Waiter from FlickrBill Swanson, CEO of Raytheon, was the first to talk about the subject of waiter/customer interaction in his book Swanson’s Unwritten Rules of Management. Since it’s publication, other major CEO’s around the world are championing the idea that the way you treat a waiter is an excellent indicator on the type of leader you are or will become. One such person is the CEO of Office Depot, Steve Odland. He makes a great point in saying:

Odland says he saw all types of people 30 years ago as a busboy. “People treated me wonderfully and others treated me like dirt. There were a lot of ugly people. I didn’t have the money or the CEO title at the time, but I had the same intelligence and raw ability as I have today.

The article is wonderfully written and just the right length. Go read it and maybe next time you’ll think twice about how you treat others.

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