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See The Road – Change Your Wipers

Wiper ThumbnailIn high school when I was rockin my dad’s 1987 maroon Toyota Camry, I found myself giving Mido a ride home from Carrow’s in Montebello. We were part of a larger group that was out late. I forgot the event or occasion but trust me, this was rare. Of course the weather in the early morning hours are not very conducive to a clear and detailed driving experience. Needless to say, I was struggling to see even the cars to the side of me on the 60 Freeway. I had the defrost on full blast but it seemed to do nothing. My wipers were smearing the dirt and grime rain and dew all over my windshield. We did manage to get home in one piece.

Fast foward a few years later. I am not in my 2000 liquid silver Toyota Celica. It’s 2004 or so and there is tear in one of my wipers. It starts drawing an annoying streak across my windshield and makes a funny noise. For the first time in 4 years, I change the blades. Then it happened. It was like a true “eureka” moment … I saw the light! It’s glorious I tell you. Did you know you are supposed to change your wipers every 6 months? I know. Crazy you say. I guess you could stretch it out to a year if you live in an area with little rain (ie CA, though you wouldn’t know it this season). I used to think “Oh, it’s raining, of course visibility is poor. That’s just how it is.” That is not true people. It is not how it is. Being able to see – that’s how it is. Pay $15, save your life.
| Photo credit David Hartwell |

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