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Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ by Sneaker Freaker

Last year, one of the shoe sites broke story of a special program Puma was putting on, traveling from store to store. It is called the Mongolian Shoe BBQ and much like our favorite mall foodcourt stirfry restaurant, it involves you picking and choosing and assembling your very own shoes. You can choose the fabrics, colors, prints, laces. The whole shebang. I basically gave up on it because at that time, the stores were only in Asia. I think the launch was in Hong Kong.

Anyway, fast forward to last November. I am in Barcelona with Claire, on our way to Sagrada di Familia and we just missed the bus. So to kill some time, we checked out the Levi’s store then the Puma store. And lo and behold. What did I see there? Yes, Mongolian Shoe BBQ! I was so excited. I asked the clerk how much? He said eighty euros. Fine. I can deal with that for a pair of custom kicks. I asked if I get the shoes right away and he said no, they ship it to you a few weeks later. US? Nope, only Europe. WTF? Fine, can I at least snap some pictures? Sorry, photos are not allowed.

Today, Sneaker Freaker covered the story from AUS, where the BBQ currently is stationed.

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