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Ronald Plays Softball

Here are excerpts from my email exchange with Ronald about his “softball” game this weekend. They are in order from top to bottom.

Ronald: LOL.. I canít come up this weekend. I have a softball game Sunday and my friendís farewell dinner sat night. Sorry dude.

Me: Are you going to be the catcher or pitcher this weekend? I am thinking catcher, like in prison.

Ronald: Haha no. Iím always outfielder because I like to throw out ppl at the plate. They try to run home, but the cannon takes them down. I love catching fly balls. So easy. Iím like the next Torii Hunter (Minnesota twins) or Andruw Jones (Atlanta Braves) or Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners).

Me: So you like catching balls that come down at you from above? Do you reach out with both hands? What is your techique?

Ronald: Nopes.. only one hand. So I can catch and tag up to the runner at 3rd base

Me: You are much better baller than I. What happens if the balls hit your chin? That would probably end your career.

Ronald: Thatís right. My career is shot and Iím going to retire and sit in the hospital

Me: Do you wear sunglasses so the stuff doesn’t get in your eyes?

Ronald: No sunglasses. I canít afford it

Me: When you catch the balls, do you massage them a bit before they go back out? Like you know how some players catch, do a double squeeze slash pump, then toss the balls away?

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