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And You Thought Your Town Had Bad Parking

Adam Snow Parking 1 Thumb

One of my greatest joys is to get an email, phone call, or text message from a buddy of mine telling me he or his wife just slapped an IParkLikeAnIdiot bumper sticker on a deserving schmuck. One of my greatest pet peeves is bad parkers. And I’d hate to be a hypocrit so I’ll often make my passengers wait as I correct myself.
Adam Snow Parking 2 Thumb

Apparently, our neighbors to the north do not feel the same way about this. A fella named Adam Snow works in a company that has a lot where (he claims) everyone parks like this. This is just a typical day at the office for him.

2 Responses to “And You Thought Your Town Had Bad Parking”

  • Nice site man!
    Actually, the only ‘bad parkers’ are the white truck, and my SRT-4 as I parked far away from him, and happened to not be in a perfect spot… This is at the very back of the parking lot, so it doesn’t really matter…

    Anyway – The silver Jetta, is not “parked” like that per say. Her e-brake gave loose and her car rolled backwards into mine. An accident, not a bad parking job… 🙂

    Still funny to look at though!! haha!


  • Thanks for visiting Adam Snow! And thanks for the explanation. Indeed, the Silver Jetta rolled into Adam’s car, which I thought was funny too. But I couldn’t get over the terrible parking by our northern neighbors!

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