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Birthdays and Floating Pumas

I’ve been up to a lot these past few weeks and I haven’t written much about it. This doesn’t quite make up for it, but here’s a glimpse of what’s up.

Penny Going Away Thumb

Penny quit her job at Citrix Online so we went to her going away party. Afterward, we went to Dargan’s to meet up with Kelly’s roommate and his friends as well as her friend Crystal and her boyfriend Robert. We ended up at Blue Agave’s balcony, watching a guy get harassed by the cops.

El Rey Thumb

I received my order from Prime, a top tier store in Australia. I looked all over for the Puma El Rey (Emboss) and finally found them. Ironically, they released them to mainly stores down under, even though the shoes are named after the famous El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Go figure. I also got a free pair of Puma’s on the same day!

Kelly Shots Thumb

Kelly turned 27 on Tuesday and Nate threw her a fun party at his place near Elwood. I had a good time there eating pizza, playing bocci ball, (unsuccessfully) fixing a solitaire game on a Treo 650, and watching people dance. Then I went to pick up Clarissa. I didn’t return to the party. Instead I heated up some leftover (actually had over half) Milan Sicilian pizza from CPK for her to eat. Then we watched Election.
Wine Row Thumb

We went to Trattoria Grappolo for lunch. The town was like out of a western. The street was so new it was not even on my GPS. The voice said “This route is unverified, be careful.” We shared:

Calamari alla Positano
Calamari stuffed with smoked mozzarella, prosciutto, garlic, parsley and stuteed with lemon and olive oil

Clarissa had:

Capellini alla Checca
Angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil

Trattoria Dessert Thumb

I had spaghetti carbonara which was delish. And they gave us free dessert. Before you comment on how happy I may or may not look, know that I have no explanation. I guess my face wasn’t really expressing how I felt – really excited to eat the dessert! After we finished the meal, we went wine tasting. Over and over. Then we visited some galleries. I got a cool bottle opener that uses pressure from CO2 catridges to push the cork out.

Dessert at L&L's

We had a wonderful turkey dinner at a home, also in Santa Ynez. It was complete with homemade yeast biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, lots of wine, a delicious salad with walnuts and mandarin oranges topped with a raspberry vinegarette, mixed berry pie with ice cream, coffee, flourless cake, peanut butter and chocolate cookies, chocolate muffins, and more.
Floating Thumb

We got back too late for the fair. Turns out she wasn’t even interested! Go figure. So instead we spent the next hour perfecting our magic skills. Then we watched Lonesome Jim which is sort of like Garden State. The same droopy eyed depressing Indie drab. Put a smile on your faces you losers.

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