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Colbert Speech at White House Correspondents Dinner

As you have probably heard by now, Steven Colbert of the “Colbert Report” was the guest speaker at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. He hit all major points and isuses of the current administration, ranging from the Plume conspiracy to the invasion of Iraq.  I actually felt uncomfortable for the people there!  Also, admittedly, it’s a much better speech when you read it, then when you watch it. I wonder how much of a TV audience’s reaction is based off the studio audience. Meaning, if I heard more laughter and high-fives, would I have liked it more? Or if I was there, and the crowd was liberal, and people weren’t afraid of smiling in front of the President, would it have been funnier? Funny or not, it’s a great speech and a great summary of what is (mostly) wrong with the country.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Before I begin, I’ve been asked to make an announcement. Whoever parked 14 black bulletproof S.U.V.’s out front, could you please move them? They are blocking in 14 other black bulletproof S.U.V.’s and they need to get out.

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    Oh, just saw Mean Girls. That movie was awesome. No, not being a pervert, but it really was funny. We were busting up half the movie, and none of us were drinking.

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