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Inspirational Poster

FizzleMan: i hope they do a cool shot
FizzleMan: i already have it in my mind
FizzleMan: we are wearing hiking gear
FizzleMan: holding a gps
FizzleMan: and a compass
FizzleMan: and it’s sunny
FizzleMan: and the shot is at an angle, looking up
FizzleMan: so we look bigger than life
FizzleMan: and it’s sunny out
PuffTedD: and you point to the distance
FizzleMan: yes
FizzleMan: this was my response to the writer when she emailed me
PuffTedD: you can then sell that picture as an inspirational poster
FizzleMan: “Leah, It’s On”
PuffTedD: nice
FizzleMan: what should the title and quote be?
PuffTedD: cache distance: 5m NW, awesomeness distance: 0m
FizzleMan: LMAO
FizzleMan: oh shit, that’s all over my blog

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