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Teva X-1/C

Teva Thumb
Trail running is a sport that posed an interesting dilemna to shoe manufacturers. Athletes wanted lightweight shoes they were used to wearing on the track but they needed sturdy toebox and sole protection from the jagged rocks, streams, and branches they’d encounter on the local mountain trails. The result is a hybrid melding of the two and 2006 is seeing successful examples of that.† I didn’t think Teva could make anything as good as the sandals we all identify them by, but I was clearly wrong. Though a stroke of luck [thanks Dave and Jess] I was able to score a pair for $25. I’ll take one any day!

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  • I haven’t walked in them, just tried them on briefly. The con in the magazine was that the strapping system was too tight and could end up giving your feet grief (if you are flat-footed). I won’t know until I really put them to use. I am not sure when that is though since my New Balance trail runners are in perfect condition and already dirty. I also returned the Saloman’s this past weekend. So question is, in addition to the Keen’s and possibly flip flops, do I take trail runners to Kauai also? Probably not.

    Either way, they are easily worth the price we paid. Double that and it’d still be true.

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