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Kauai Depart Thumb

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I am taking off to Hawaii first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be gone for just a week so you’ll get your dose of Vo next Tuesday. Keep it fresh while I’m gone.

6 Responses to “Kauai”

  • Have fun buddy! Go find some hot hawaiian chick if possible. She will be waiting for you behind a tree on your hike or she will wash up on shore while you drink your alcohol on the beach. Have a safe trip.

  • DUDE!!! you’re so lucky. i feel like you go there all the time!! Anyways i hope you got my package. take care dude!

  • Watch out for your favorite drunk driving actress, Michelle Rodriguez, while you are on the road!

    hey P$ I’m in the bay area for the week for work. Know any cool places I could check out?

  • You lucky guy you. Never been to Kauii, just Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. None supposebly are even close to as nice as Kauii. Maui’s one big golf course and Oahu’s one big tourist trap. but Kauii’s supposebly da bomb.

    Have a fun time.

  • Wow, Michelle Rodriguez is going to be in town? Vo, you are going to have an awesome time if she’s there. Have fun.

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