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Nike SB Team Edition Barcelona

Nike SB Barcelona Thumb

It took a few tries but it looks like Nike finally has tapped that elusive skateboarding market. Though representing only a small portion of the company, Nike SB is making some of the largest strides in the company. The collaborations with skaters as well as street artists, is paying off. Bringing it back to the streets, Nike produced a Team Edition SB shoe which pays tribute to the Barcelona’s infamous Sants Station. First pictured over 10 years ago in Transworld magazine, the city’s largest train station now doubles as the place to skate. Each element of the shoe is completely inspired by the location and the local SNT skaters. Elements of the architecture as well as as the vibe of the skating mecca can were incorporated into the shoe.

Today I rocked the Barcelona’s for two of my heroes – Dave and Ronald. Dave’s last name is Barcelona so it’s fitting. I wish I had a cool name like that! And Ronald just loves this shoe. So this one’s for you bud!

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3 Responses to “Nike SB Team Edition Barcelona”

  • Yeah, Dave has the coolest last name on the planet. He even has a city in Spain named after him. It used to be called Manuelo up until 1997 when they changed the name to Barcelona because it was so cool.

    Not only that, they changed all the historical references to Barcelona too, not wanting to admit the city used to be called something as stupid as Manuelo. Proud of the name Barcelona the people are. I’d be proud too.

  • Hey Vo! Do you ever have fat people say “you’re so lucky that you’re slim” to you? If so, comment on my latest post. I’m so sick of hearing that crap. If they’d only get off their asses and do something instead of bugging me all the time because I’m slim, maybe they won’t be so fat. Know what I’m sayin’ V?

  • Your latest post where? I thought you took a vacation from your blog, at least for a while. Are there new developments? And I guess people have said that to me before, but what they say the most is “I wish I could eat lots of small meals like you” or “I wish I got full so quickly.”

    Another thing they say is “Man, where’d you get that sweet tan.” and “So what happens when you are in the sun? Do you just get darker?”

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