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Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure BookI used to love Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Sometimes, if I was really curious, I use to read one option, then go back and read another. My cousin, who I lovingly consider a little “crazy” in the details, would mark every choice page and corresponding result with colored paperclips. So you look at his book and it’d be bulging with two dozen paper clips, of various colors. I think there should be a rule. No changing your mind. I mean in the real world, you can’t say “What if I didn’t go to this college. What would happen if I took the job at dad’s office instead?”

Suffice it to say, I was quite pleased when I read Wired’s article announcing the comeback of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. What made it great was they (Wired) wrote the article in a similar fashion, letting you change the text depending on your decision.

This summer, eight of the original titles return to bookstores, revamped with 21st-century references (cell phones!). Will they become popular again?

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