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Geocaching + Newspress = Crazy Delicious

I know, I know. You’re screamin’, “Hey Vo, did I see you in the newspaper today?” I’m not going to lie to you. IT WAS ME! Here’s a little story, I’d like to tell:

A couple of months ago, some friends from Citrix mentioned there was a new club in town forming that might be a good way to meet new people. I was game so I went to the introductory BBQ. Then came a night hike, sushi night, wine tasting etc. On the night hike, I was telling the president that we should go geocaching as an activity. Her friend, also a member of the club overheard, names and emails were exchanged, a meeting with a photographer by the wharf, and today, this appeared.

Seeing as how my local machine was sold out by 10 AM, I doubt many of you will be able to get a copy, unless you already have one. Luckily, the Newspress is also online. You can check the little blurb on the front page of sports and read the article here.

The person I am with is Brian. You may recall I went to Hawaii with him and his family. He and I have gone on many geocaching trips. Due to some strange turn of events, his daughter Sam couldn’t be there. Otherwise she would have been in the picture of us. Also, you may notice a really fancy Garmin GPS 60CSx. That’s my friend Aaron’s. He let me borrow it but I wouldn’t let him know why. Now his GPS is famous! Thanks Aaron! The article in the paper is much cooler. The pictures are huge and is the lead story in sports. I wish I could figure out a way to preserve it. I’d like to frame it, but it’d cost way too much. I might laminate it. I am hoping that this article will bring more people to the activity.

Hint: Can you spot my homage to Saturday Night Live and The Lonely Island?

Newspress Front Page [PDF, 251 KB]
Newspress Sports Page [PDF, 144 KB]
Newspress Article Page [PDF, 239 KB]

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