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Adidas Century Lo BK3 Crooked Tongues

Century Lo 1

In 1983, Adidas introduced the Adicolor program to the world. The concept would allow customers to customize their white shoes with a set of markers or paint that would accompany the shoe. Twenty years later, the German footwear giant has returned with the largest campaign of its kind. The Adicolor series is categorized by color, each set dropping one at a time. Every shoe is a collaboration with a top store, studio, site, or magazine.

Century Lo 2

In my opinion, the award for the most functional and innovative shoe of the whole Adidas Adicolor line definitely goes to the Crooked Tongues Century Lo. CT, a London powerhouse of sneaker knowledge, took a classic Adidas shoe and turned it into a style weapon. The shoe’s interior as well as the outsole is frighteningly white while the rest of the shoe is a mix of various tones of black. The different textures from the suede toebox to the spray paint speckled sole adds so much visual eye appeal that it’s hard to fully appreciate the shoe from a single glance. The shoe, third in the black series (hence the BK3 tag) comes with a set of tongues and laces, allowing you plenty of customization. Essentially, you have the power to create a colorway to match any outift you might be wearing for the day.

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