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Nike Presto Woven

Woven 1 Thumb 

A friend of mine told me the story of how one of Nike’s most popular running shoes, the Presto, was pitched. The creator presented the design in front of the board and they rejected it. He left with a few sample pairs and supposedly one of the members tried it on and loved it. He soon learned that the size was off. He was wearing a shoe a few sizes too large. Another tried on a pair and he said it was a perfect fit. This time, his shoe was technically a few sizes too small. You see, the presto is designed with a stretchable, foot forming “sock” that molds to the runner’s feet for the perfect fit each time.

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A few years ago (2001), Nike experimented with a new design called the Woven. Most people have never seen or heard of a Nike Woven. It literally is a woven material, usually consisting of two colors but the possiblities are limitless. In fact, one of the most popular designs is actually called the Rainbow Woven. You can imagine what that is. The wovens were never heavily marketed and usualy only available in speciality stores. This year, Nike brought the woven back with a bang to coincide with the World Cup.

I managed to pick up a pair of Nike Presto Wovens, a sample pair made in Vietnam in 2001. It’s a very unique shoe that picked up a few compliments at work when I wore it last week. Initially, it’s sort of uncomfortable, a little tight but later, it felt great. Believe it or not, when I went to the restroom, I would find myself sprinting down the halls.

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