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Did You Hear About Beau Burroughs?

Rumor Has It1.5 of 5 stars.

… this movie sucks. I normally don’t like to bust out the CTRL-B combo, but this one deserved it. Jennifer Anniston stars as a obituary journalist living in New York City. She is engaged to Mark Romantic-Comedy-King Ruffalo who is an attorney. They visit Pasadena, CA to attend her sister’s (Mena Suvari) wedding. Then there’s a scandal and controversy that involves Dustin Hoffman, Mrs. Robinson, Cabo, and Kevin Costner. Twenty minutes into the movie I actually felt uncomfortable watching it. It was so bad. Three-fourth’s through, Ryan actually got up and left and I sat there all by myself. I had to finish it. The only saving grace was Jennifer Anniston.

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