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Homeless man helps heart attack victim

A team of paramedics were assisted by a homeless man in tattered clothes as they put a tube down the victim’s throat so he could breathe. He stuck around long enough to ask technical questions indicating a high level of technical training and or prior employment as a doctor or nurse. Pretty neat!

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2 Responses to “Homeless man helps heart attack victim”

  • “A lot of people who are out on the streets have mental health problems, and just because you’ve got a mental health problem doesn’t mean you are stupid or you are not educated or anything like that.”

    Man, that’s messed up. How come so many people with mental health problems are on the street? They should be in asylums. It’s better for all of us, probably especially them.

    Pretty cool though that this guy came out of nowhere and helped.

  • I think when you are living la vida loca, you don’t want people telling you it’s a problem.

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