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Echo Mountain via the Sam Merrill Trail

My friend Steve just told me about this great hike just north of Pasadena, in Altadena. Apparently on the top of the 2.5 mile trail there are the ruins of White City. I know, the name’s a little scary but I think it was named after a ski resort. Anyway, you just take Lake Ave. all the way north until it ends and you park on the street.

Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe’s mountain railway and resort was Southern California’s must-visit attraction, drawing more than three million visitors from 1896 to 1936. Echo Mountain (3207′), known as “The White City,” was the heart of the resort with its elegant Echo Mountain House hotel, chalet, observatory, and small zoo. It has all since vanished, but this fascinating hike takes you to the ruins of this official historic landmark.

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