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Scandal Barbara

Due to a series of recent events, Santa Barbara has itself a summer scandal and for a town that is generally laid back, this has everyone on edge. Basically, seven top editors (then a sixth), all quit their posts at the News-Press. This, to the surprise of many, happened at a paper that was purchased in 2000, amids the cheers of residents who rallied for a local, non-corporate owner. Be careful what you wish for.

Matt Welch describes the final straw(s) that broke the camel’s back:

3) She criticized a reporter and three editors for publishing the home address of Rob Lowe, and decided that future addresses would only be published with permission of the owner.
4) She spiked a follow-up story to an already-published article about how her recently appointed publisher racked up a DUI.
5) She gave that aforementioned publisher — who was a controversial editorial writer — latitude to oversee and intervene into the editorial content of the newspaper.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. If you are interested in reading more, and I suggest you do because it’s like the soaps, complete with rich old women who are ripe with skin cancer, check these out:

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1 Response to “Scandal Barbara”

  • Heh. Funny what they call scandals in Santa Barbara.

    Their other paper, the weekly independent, is full of America-hatin’ commies. I had to correct them on one occasion when they blamed America for what Shell did to the Nigerian people. Dumb bitch didn’t check her facts that Shell’s not an American corporation and actually America condemned what Shell did.

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